Austin and Kat CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

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Austin and Kat CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats
  • 100mg contains thirty 1ml servings for dogs and cats
  • Each 1ml contains 3.3mg of CBD
  • Each bottle comes with a calibrated dropper for easy dosing for all sized pets
  • Oils should be kept in a cool dark place, once opened refrigerate and use within 90 days
  • Always shake before using
  • Contains Wild Alaskan salmon oil

Austin and Kat CBD Hemp Oil is handmade and made in small batches for quality. Our oil is packed full of Omega 3 & 6 for health and a taste both cats and dogs love.

Infused with full spectrum naturally occurring CBD from the seed and stalk of hemp, wild alaskan salmon oil, and hemp seed oil;  this will be a welcome addition to your pet’s current diet.  Wild Alaskan Salmon and Hemp seed oils are jam-packed with powerful Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  Salmon Oil contains a bounty of EPA and DHA which are healthy Omega-3 fats that provide vital nutrients for the skin, coat and body. These essential fatty acids help to support proper joint function, heart health and skin/coat condition, as well as enhance the immune system, to help your four-legged friend have a healthier, calmer and happier life.

Our CBD oil is administered orally, and a dose consists of precisely measured drops placed under the tongue or placed on food or a treat. Our oil dropper has precise measurement for consistency of dosage. Oils can provide quick relief (within 15-20 minutes) and can be an alternative for pets who are having difficulty eating or are food adverse. Our oils also provide cat owners with a safe and effective way to help with pain and inflammation, anxiety, loss of appetite; and can help with coat and skin.

Our CBD oils are a great option for pet parents who want to integrate CBD as a daily dietary supplement for their dogs and cats.

Suggested Serving: 1-2mg  per 10 lbs of weight every 4-8 hours  or as needed.

Ingredients:  Hemp seed oil, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Hemp derived CBD oil (seed & stalk)