Big Sky Antler Chews

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Product Overview

  • Made from naturally shed antlers of USA elk, these chews are uniquely sustainable
  • Supports bone, joint and muscle health as being a natural source of essential minerals such as calcium, glucosamine, iron & potassium
  • Aids in kidney function & improved wound healing
  • Helps whiten teeth and freshen breath and they won't splinter, so they're safer than bones and last longer than rawhide chews
  • Allergy-free and organic, so they are safe for any dog
  • Elk Antler Sizes: Choose according to the size and chewing level of your dog. Recommended for dogs & puppies based on the weights below
    • Small: Recommended for dogs from 5 - 40 lbs (approximately 3 - 4 - inch chew)
    • Medium: Recommended for dogs 40 lbs and over (approximately 5 - 6 - inch chew)
    • Large: Recommended for dog over 110 lbs (approximately 6 - 7 - inch chew)

Made of all-natural Elk antlers, these rugged, long-lasting Big Sky Antler Chews help whiten teeth and freshen breath. Since they are grown and shed each year in the USA, they're uniquely sustainable as a chew. Because they are allergy-free and organic, they are safe for any dog. Also, they will not splinter, so they're safer than bones. Remember to always supervise your pet while using antler treats.

IngredientsAntler Chews Are Made from 100% Natural Elk Antlers That Are Shed Each Year.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review