FLEXI New Classic Tape Black Leash

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FLEXI New Classic Tape Black Leash
  • Freedom to move and still on the leash
  • Despite a long leash you always remain in control of the dog
  • Chromed snap hook
  • Intuitive handling, thanks to convenient brake button and ergonomic grip
  • Fast, reliable response by the Short-stop one-handed braking system
  • Made in Germany

The Flexi Classic Tape has a 16 foot/5 meter tape and the small is suitable for dogs up to approximately 33 pounds/15 Kg and the medium/large up to 110 pounds/50 Kg.

The Flexi retractable dog leads have become one of the most popular ranges of dog leads in the world.

Flexi leads never slacken, as the lead is always subject to sufficient tension and as the animal walks closer, the lead retracts into the handle. With the help of the integrated braking system, the dog is always under control and the length can be adjusted and locked in place if required with the locking button.

Enjoy the comfort of a flexi retractable leash that is designed for walking your dog in open areas where they can enjoy lots of extra 'freedom on the leash'. flexi leashes smoothly unroll and retract, no matter how you hold them.
The tape leash is very resistant and ideal for powerful, larger dogs. The flexi tape guidance offers high comfort, ensuring that the tape will follow your dog in every direction, while smoothly rolling-out and retracting. When not in use, the tape fully retracts up to the chromed snap hook.

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