Katt³ Felt Tip Balls

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Katt³ Felt Tip Balls
  • Designed for Katt³
  • The unpredictable reaction of the toy stimulates and awakens cats natural instinct to hunt.
  • These balls with stimulant noises enchant the cats to make it play for hours. 
  • Each ball is individually hand made.
  • The size may vary.
  • Attaches to Katt³ cube system.

Attach this fun toy accessory anywhere on the Katt3 Modular Cat Climbing System and watch your cat go wild! Cats love the texture of felted wool, so this toy is the perfect addition to this fun climbing system.

2" felted wool balls hang from a stretchy bungee cord, letting kitty really sink her claws and teeth in. Attaches to the Kubes with a special hook that's easy to install and remove, so you can move the toy around for variety.