Katt³ Trendy House for Cat

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Product Overview

The concept:

  • The builder: You
  • The owner: Your furry friend
  • The Katt3: The house of his dreams

The simple yet STYLISH DESIGN makes the Katt3 stand out. At last, a cat tree you will not want to hide in the basement!

Your fancy kitty is easily bored? No problem! The modular concept of the Katt3 allows you to switch and change your cat tree to fit your cat’s liking and needs. The best part is the EASY ASSEMBLY. It’s a breeze to put together, taking only minutes to create an awesome design!

  • Have fun: the Katt3 is modular! Therefore, it’s easy to move the panels and the kubes to adapt to the space and the needs of the cat.
  • The Katt3: a project in constant evolution. Our team of designers is working hard to develop awesome new accessories to add to your Katt3. Give your opinion and share your ideas during co-design campaigns.
  • The Katt3’s plastic contains a UV adjuvant so  it does not change color when placed near a window.
  • No tools required to assemble the kubes.
  • The kubes are easily washable using soapy water.
  • To clean the pillows and beds, simply put them in the washing machine and let them air dry. The memory foam bed can be placed in the kube or attached to top of it.
  • For your cat, every addition in height is the equivalent of adding a floor to your house. More floors mean more space, thus less possibility of conflict.
  • Favour the designs allowing him to climb on the upper kube in several ways. Do not hesitate to add more kubes or juxtapose to a sofa, shelves or any other piece of furniture to reach the top. It will avoid conflicts if a cat decides to block the access on the next floor up to an other cat.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review