Tiki Cat Tummy Topper Grain Free Pumpkin and Wheatgrass Purée for Sensitive Stomachs

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Product Overview

  • Simple nutritious blend of pumpkin and wheatgrass that helps promote healthy digestion and soothe sensitive stomachs
  • Pumpkin & Wheatgrass – GMO-free pumpkin puree to make this delicious by itself or as a topper
  • Convenient, single-serving pouches
  • Nutrition from pumpkin with only 9 kCals per pouch
  • Supplemental wheatgrass to ease digestive upset
  • 1.5 ounces in a single-serve pouch

Happy tummies make happy cats. That’s why you can count on Tiki Cats Tummy Topper to support your cat’s digestive tract. With healthy, GMO-free pumpkin puree and supplemental wheatgrass, this flavorful treat promotes healthy digestion and soothes sensitive stomachs. Plus, Tiki Cat uses only grain free ingredients in each pouch of Tummy Topper.

Count on these treats for cats to provide nutrition your cat needs and the flavor she craves. Plus, there are only 9 kcals per pouch, and simple, whole ingredients, you can be confident you’re giving your feline friend quality nutrition.

You and your cat will both enjoy these benefits in every pouch of our nutrient rich cat food.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, water sufficient for processing, wheatgrass.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review