Tripett Beef

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Tripett Beef
  • Grain free
  • Exceptionally high in natural, fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and 6, which helps promote healthy skin and joints
  • Free of fillers, dyes, or other artificial ingredients
  • Consists of 99% pure, unbleached, nutrient rich tripe
  • Good for picky eaters, healthy digestion, skin & coat, dental health & diet transitions
  • Mixes well with dry or raw food
  • For all breeds & life stages

Tripett Green Beef Tripe Original Formula is an all-natural food suitable for canines in all stages of life, from weaned puppies older than six weeks of age to dogs in their senior years.

The primary ingredient is tripe, which is the nutrient rich stomach lining of all natural beef. Tripett Green Beef Tripe Original Formula most closely resembles what our pets' wild ancestors instinctively fed upon before humans domesticated them. Tripett Green Beef Tripe Original Formula also contains partially digested grasses from beef stomachs, and is rich in digestive enzymes, gastric juices, taurine, and fatty and amino acids which are important to all aspects of canine health. When these vital nutrients occur naturally, like they do in green beef tripe, it makes it more valuable to your pet than any other canine food supplement available.

Ingredients: Green Beef Tripe, Water, Garlic, Carrageenan Gum

Guaranteed Analysis: 
Crude Protein: 11% Min
Crude Fat: 7% Min
Crude Fiber: 0.5% Max
Moisture: 79.9% Max
Ash: 1% Max
Fatty Acids (Omega 6): 0.47% Min
Fatty Acids (Omega 3): 0.20% Min
Sodium: 82.90 mg/100g
Phosphorus: 119.94/100g
Calcium: 37.87/100g

Calorie Content: 1,150 kcal per kg / 455.4 kcal per can